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Chris Campo’s relationship with music is lifelong. A Florida native, Chris grew up with the encouragement of a musical family; beginning with kiddie drums as a mere toddler, his interest in percussion evolved throughout his childhood into a passion, if not obsession, by his early teens.


It was in high school that Chris joined the drum-line, which would instill a certain rhythmic and technical discipline often rare in most self-taught drummers.


At age fifteen, Chris met local musician Jake Shockley, with whom he played a handful of shows in a short-lived cover band. Only weeks after graduating high school, it was Jake who reached out to the young yet seasoned drummer and asked if he would like to yet again join forces in the new rock group, Roxx Revolt and The Velvets. Chris was ecstatic to have been offered the position and joined the project.


Between rigorous hours of practice on and off the stage, Chris — akin to his bandmates — has honed an electrifying stage performance. With a hard-hitting style equally as distinct and driving in every number, he has become vital to Roxx Revolt and The Velvets’ sound.

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