Dan Heath

Bass Guitar

Originally from Chicago, IL, Dan Heath picked up his first bass guitar at age fifteen. For a few years Dan played in and around Chicago with several different bands before relocating to south Florida in 2014. Soon after, he met Roxx Barrios while he was playing in a local cover band.

Shortly after the clandestine meeting, Roxx Revolt and The Velvets was formed.

Much of Dan’s formative years were spent listening to any and all classic rock, notably Queen, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin. It wasn’t long after that he was introduced to bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, STP, and RHCP. This made his blood start jumping to create some of his own music. Dan spent a lot of time in and around the Chicago club scene and anywhere live music was being played.

His self-described style of playing is ‘attack hard, loud, and low.’ Dan says his pocket bass lines cause unconscionable toe tapping and head banging.

Dan also attributes his killer bass riffs to having a heavy right hand and ‘great hair’, which he says helps him play better.

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